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In the name of Allah, most gracious and most merciful. In this materialistic world, people are getting attracted to material things. But nowadays people are feeling that spirituality is very necessary for our life. Without spirituality, people r like other animals. So,our purpose is to make people understand the value of spirituality and make them available spiritual things based on Islam. We may acquire many properties in our life but deep inside we have a very sophisticated component i.e. Our HEART. The heart is the driver of every activity in our life. So, it is necessary to clean our hearts. If we clean our heart our output will be good and healthy in life.
Allah (subhanawatawala) sent many prophets (alaihissalam) and messengers at different times to different people. The last and final messenger is our beloved prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). We should follow his commandments. To follow His (peace be upon him) commandments we first know what His(PBUH) commandments are.
So, to make correct information available to the people we have taken this initiative (i.e make a website). And Insha Allah we will make our website, www.holyway.co.in, a firm platform of right information of Islam with correct meaning and references to Quran and Hadith. In the Holy Quran Allah says that Allah has protected the Holy Quran and that is very true. Unlike other holy books, not a single word in the Holy Quran is changed. But nowadays some people are trying to change the meaning of some verses to make it favorable to their ideology. Our effort is to stop this nonsense and keep the meaning of every verse unchanged.
So, be with us to get the correct knowledge about the Quran and Hadith. I hope you will be benefitted if Allah wants.
Supriya Allah Hafiz

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